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Art Fairs and Exhibitions

20-31 January 2021
London Art Fair, ART 2021

The London Art Fair, LAF:Edit is now online until 31 January. To see the Gallery’s Viewing Room please visit:
Only 20 images are allowed on the page, but further work can be seen on:
A new image - Image of the Day -will be featured on the Gallery website each day from 18 - 31 January.
All the work is available and delivery can easily be arranged

Due to the ongoing circumstances, Mark Firth’s solo exhibition, ‘Ten Cubes for Sheffield’ and related works at Graves City Art Gallery, Museums of Sheffield, Surrey Street, Sheffield S1 2LH, has been re-scheduled for Autumn 2021

New Work

For the London Art Fair, there are a number of paintings and works on paper by Gareth Edwards, collages by David Mach, a series of small paintings by John Hainsworth, paintings and drawings by Tomas Watson and a collage of small paintings on aluminium mounted on board by Gro Thorsen.

Siobhan McDonald has six new paintings from her series, ‘The Trees are Whispering’. These are for sale now, but they are currently in a Museum show in Ireland and will be available for delivery at the end of February.

And the Gallery is delighted to show five new works on paper by Fraser Taylor. These are from a series of 38 produced during the Autumn lockdown in his Glasgow studio.